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120-aom.jpgAustralian Organic Meats places a strong emphasis on animal welfare believing it is paramount to observe the health of animals and procedures are established to ensure animal are organic and natural. Our cattle are raised on the abundant lush grasslands of Central Queensland, the Channel Country, Darling Downs and northern New South Wales regions.

At AOM cattle do not feed on corn, grain, animal agricultural or industrial by products. They only eat grass and hay. Our beef processes full mineral, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acid profile of typical green pasture raised animals. The cattle feed contains no additional growth hormones, antibiotics and animal by-product.

These premium cattle growing areas are renowned for their plentiful fertile pastures and undulating farmland, producing healthy and happy cattle. The diversity of the location of these regions ensures access to quality livestock year round and assists in future proofing our supply should climatic conditions affect some areas.

Product of Australia

 120-auskobe.jpgAs beef connoisseurs, we were already fans of the tender beef with the international reputation and relished the opportunity to produce Wagyu beef when the breed was introduced to Australia in 1991. We began to cross our Black Angus Herd with the Tajima Wagyu breed to produce the superior marbling characteristics unique to the Wagyu breeds.

Australian Certified Wagyu Beef Pty Ltd is one of the first Australian companies to breed, grow, feed, process and market Wagyu beef to the world.

Auskobe cattle are free from growth hormones and antibiotics. The cattle are only fed GMO free, highest quality natural grains for a minimum 400 days to guarantee the Wagyu beef is tender, juicy and full of flavour that contains unsaturated fat such as Omega-3.

Product of Australia 



Jack’s Creek Black Angus is a quality assured Australian grain fed marbled beef. The prime agricultural producing area makes it perfect for premium beef production. They are raised in the temperate region of the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales, Australia.

Jack’s Creek Black Angus is from the best blood lines and the entire diet is specially formulated incorporating a natural feeding program and using up-to-date husbandry techniques. It ensures the cattle have a well balanced life-style which supplies superior, safe and healthy marbled beef.

Product of Australia



Doing what’s right for our cattle and land is the Meyer way. It produces the healthiest animals and best tasting beef available. Some “natural” beef programs allow the use of antibiotics and added hormones and will discontinue usage just long enough to appear natural. That’s not the case at Meyer Natural Angus.

Meyer Natural Angus is the only major beef company to receive “Certified Humane” designation from the Humane Farm Animal Care program. Required standards include that cattle be raised with shelter, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviours

100% of Meyer Natural Angus cattle can be source and age-verified back to their ranch of origin. All are born, raised, fed and processed solely in the USA. Our cattle are never given any form of hormones or antibiotics. We allow our animals to mature slowly for optimal tenderness and marbling

Product of United States


Stapleton Park is a unique Beef brand in the UK producing the finest British Beef. Our two state of art facilities offer unparalleled service in the supply chain. We seek perfection through our procurement and source all our cattle from within our pool of 1000 dedicated farmers.

We only slaughter steers and heifers under thirty months of age which guarantees the best possible taste, texture and consistency. To further enhance the eating experience every single hindquarter produced is hung on the bone for a minimum of 30 days, before a further period of vacuum packed maturation.

For the traditionalists, Stapleton Park offer a top of the range "Dry Aged" product that is matured for 30 days minimum on the bone - a product that both Stapleton Park and Sutherland's believe is the finest beef eating experience! This is matured in a strictly controlled reduced humidity chiller allowing the beef fibres to gently break down increasing both texture and taste.

We offer Hereford breed scheme. For the specialised scheme every animal processed has to be sired by a pedigree bull registered by the appropriate breed society, and this integrity and traceability is very strictly monitored.

Having such an integrated business allows us complete control of our products, every primal and steak cut is hand selected by our trained butchers. The quality and consistency of our product is integral in our pursuit of perfection.

Product of England, UK








Truly Free Range Organic Lamb

Organic standards emphasize on animal welfare meaning that lambs raised in organic systems enjoy the highest welfare of all farmed animals with following requirements:

Truly free range and a natural diet without GM feed. There are no routine antibiotic treatments nor use of hormones in the production system. Stocking rates are lower on organic farms than conventional ones enabling producers to use natural systems and clean grazing as alternatives to routine drug treatments. All organic lambs are under 12 months of age during the slaughter process at the abattoir. The majority of our organic lambs are sourced through Stephen Kirkup's producer group that is based in Northumberland. The large farms located in this rolling upland landscape fit in well with the organic production system. Organic lamb is no doubt the most naturally produced meat protein in the UK.


200-superior-farms.jpgSuperior Farms is the largest employee-owned lamb producer in the United States. It was founded in Ellensburg, Washington back in 1963. It is the largest vertically integrated lamb supplier in the United States. Its developed system today, allows full traceability from the farm to plate. The loyal small farmers, with whom we work, are dedicated to creating the best possible product from the purest places available.

Grain fed lamb provides a mild, delicious flavour and a consistent quality compared to grass fed lamb. These lambs are fed corn, soybeans, broccoli, oats and other grains to optimize carcass quality and ensure that the animals are a certain weight. The meat from grain fed lamb is tender and well marbled. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron.

Product of United States


Welsh Lamb has been raised on the lush mountain and valley pastures of Wales since ancient times. More than 80% of the land area of Wales in pasture along with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate provide the ideal basis for lamb production.

The term “Welsh Lamb” applies to meat derived from animal, which must be born and reared in Wales and slaughtered in, approved abattoirs.

Welsh Lamb meat is firm and pink and has a flavour that is sought after by discerning chefs throughout the world.

To protect the special characteristics of Welsh Lamb from being infringed, it has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union (EU).

Product of Wales, UK





120-pick.jpgPick was founded in 1869 by Mark Pick as a family business in Szeged in the south of Hungary just a few kilometres from the Serbian border. Over its history it has expanded and changed character several times - moving from a family business, to a nationalised industry after the Second World War during the communist regime. After the collapse of the eastern bloc, the company was floated on the stock exchange and more recently has been bought back into a single ownership.

The Mangalica pig breed is an unimproved, fat-type pig with a black nose, hooves and curly hair (also called as Woolly Pig). A well-built animal that can resist both heat and cold and is extremely disease and stress resistant.

Mangalica are kept in fresh air, natural conditions and natural fed with green fodder, alfalfa, grass, wheat, barley, maize, sunflower and sometimes pumpkin and sugar beet.

Product of Hungary


120-s-pure.jpgFounded in 1967, Betagro began its operation as a producer and distribution of a comprehensive range of animal feedstuffs. Its first production plant and distribution base was located in Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan province.

Today, Betagro Group is the market leader in the fully integrated agro-industrial and food business sector in Thailand. Its operation model covers animal feed production, livestock, animal health products and premium quality food products for domestic and export markets. Betagro caters to diverse consumer demands under the Betagro policy of “Let’s make life better.”

Pigs are raised and produced with conventional methods are normally born with natural disease, some are harmless to human yet some are not.

With the implementation of SPF raising technology, pork are raised without the use of antibiotics and re free from five common swine diseases. The health benefits of S-Pure pork are no additional growth hormones, beta-agonists, preservations, harmful microorganisms, antibacterial chemicals and pesticides.

Product of Thailand





Proudly Australian owned and farmed, Barkers Creek Premium Pork is selected from prime cuts of quality, grain fed Australian pork, sourced direct from our company and contracted supply farms located on the Darling Downs and Burnett regions of Queensland.

Developed in 2004 specifically for hospitality venues, the Barkers Creek range of Premium Pork products is widely available through select Foodservice and Wholesale Outlets in either the convenience of portion controlled, blast frozen premium cuts or as whole primal chilled cuts.

The Barkers Creek range is moisture infused to assist with temperature tolerance ensuring tenderness, irrespective of cooking times and methods.

Product of Australia





120-coleman.jpgSince 1875, Coleman has pioneered the natural and organic animal raising practices that represent the highest standard of meat production in the United States. We work exclusively with small family farms throughout the country that share this conviction to provide families with premium natural and organic meat, poultry and prepared foods. Coleman’s passion for being natural and organic extends to the ecosystem, focusing on sustainable land, water, and soil conservation for future generations.

We strongly believe that the flavour of the chicken comes from what they eat. Our chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet which is made from high quality, nutritionally balanced ingredients consisting of corn and corn gluten meal, soybean meal, salt, vitamins and minerals with no animal by-products. NO animal by-products or animal fat are used in the chicken feed. Free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, our chickens roam freely outdoors with comfortable open-air access and a reduced stressed living environment. Only ever grown on certified small family farms, NOT "factory" farms.

Product of United States


120-s-pure.jpgS-Pure chicken products are produced under international standards of Assured Chicken Production (ACP) and regulations of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (RSPCA) laid down by United Kingdom.

Objectives of these schemes are to monitor and drive continuous improvement in animal welfare standards and food safety. S-Pure chicken contains no additional antibiotics or growth promoters. All our birds have full traceability.

Product of Thailand


120-tyson.jpgTyson has been engaged in the production of food based in Springdales, Arkansas for over 60 years. Being the world¡¦s largest processor and marketer of chicken, red meat with the acquisition of beef and pork powerhouse.

Tyson is committed to the well-being, proper handling and humane slaughter of all the animals that are used in our food products. This is not only the right thing to do, but is an important moral and ethical obligation we owe to our suppliers, to our customers, to ourselves, and most of all to the animals we depend on for our products and our livelihood.

Tyson feed contains no antibiotics or additional growth hormones. Cooked processed chicken products are guaranteed free of trans-fats and preservatives.

Product of United States




Processed Meat


120-auskobe.jpgWagyu cattle produce unsaturated fats to a much greater degree than any other beef breed in the world, giving the meat its unique flavour and delectable tenderness. Full of “Healthy Fats”, our Wagyu beef also contains essential combined nutrients not found elsewhere. It contains all the essential amino acids present in the correct ratio to build proteins for strong and healthy bones.

Product of Australia





Dickinson & Morris has been baking pork pies in Melton Mowbray since 1851. We are the oldest remaining bakers of the authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pie in the town centre today.

In 1992, after fire had devastated the period style building, Samworth Brothers bought the property and carried out extensive refurbishment and renovation in conjunction with English Heritage. Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe reopened in October of that year, and re-established the town's envied position as the centre of excellence for all pork pies.

Product of England, UK


120-jacklinks.jpgWhen the Link family settled in Wisconsin’s Northwoods in the 1890’s, they brought along old world recipes for meat products, sausages and meat snacks. Soon local residents, including hearty lumberjacks, native traders, and pioneer farmers came to depend on the Links for high protein snacks. The Links provided them with safe and healthy products. Today, this tradition continues and Jack Link’s is the biggest beef jerky producer in New Zealand.

All Jack Link’s products are manufactured in their advanced factory, which conforms to the HACCP based Food Safety Program while it is also licensed to supply US, EU and all Halal markets.

Our Beef Snacks are made in Auckland, New Zealand, where we have perfected the recipe to produce great tasting Beef Snacks. It starts from purchasing the best New Zealand beef; we then season it and slowly smoke it, resulting in a high protein, great tasting snack.

Drying the meat is one of the simplest and ancient ways to preserve meat. Since the moisture contents have been removed, flavour has enhanced with a chewy eating texture. Dried meats or jerky is usually consumed as snack while beef is most common raw material for making jerky.

Product of New Zealand


120-oleary.jpgDenis and Matt received A Grade Organic Certification in 1989 and time has proved that it was a very sound and significantly improved the general health of animals, the soil and family members.

The O’Leary’s envisaged that this was the way of the future and their drive and passion for using sustainable farming practices shows their commitment to produce cleaner and greener food and taking care of the environment.

Product of Australia


120-pick.jpgThe salami and meat processing company Pick – Hungary’s leading meat processor - has built its reputation around traditional Hungarian salami - naturally made, naturally smoked and naturally matured. One of the main characteristics of Pick Salami is that a coat of mould appears during drying and maturation.

Using traditional dry-curing methods to bring out the unique flavour of this heritage breed pig. The characteristically high marbling of the Mangalica pig keeps the meat moist and tender while it ages into this extraordinary ham.

Product of Hungary


120-p-chicken.jpgSince the 1950s, Pierce Chicken has been driven by our passion to offer absolutely the best-tasting, highest-quality chicken available in food service. Customers - then and now - know us for superior flavour, consistency, piece count and yield. We refused to stop there though. Innovation is in our blood. We’re always working on being first to market with the next great taste in chicken. 

No growth hormones or antibiotics are used during the raising period of the birds.  The proteins from these birds are all-natural and trans-fat free.  No MSG or other artificial flavours are used in their consistent delivery of the highest quality meats, which are cleaned, marinated, cooked, and frozen within hours of slaughter to preserve maximum freshness.

Product of United States



200-westaways.jpgWestsways sausages ingredients used are 100% British originated sourced from British Quality Assured Pork (BQAP) farms in south of England.

All meat used is from farms in the South of England. Our minimum meat specification is 80% VL (visual lean). Our QUID declaration on recipes refers to this being the only meat used. The use of pork prime cuts, skeletal muscles and natural casings ensures its product quality consistencies, giving Westaways sausages an authentic texture and the appearance of traditional English butcher’s sausages.

Health benefits include low in fat, salt content, fed with GMO free grains, 0% Trans Fat and no artificial flavourings and colourings.

Product of England, UK