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' The Meat Purveyor’ of the food industry in Hong Kong and Macau.


Started up by Reynaldo Alfonso, a respected man in the Hong Kong meat industry with many years of experience, Sutherland traded in commodity meats from across the globe, in beef, lamb, pork and poultry meats. Throughout the 1990’s, Sutherland was a major player in the Hong Kong meat trade supplying many major catering companies.


As times progressed, with changes in the market, Sutherland also found the need for change. In 2005, with the assistance of Reynaldo’s son, Romeo Alfonso, they started up the branding division of Sutherland. Today the main focus for Sutherland is marketing major, niche brands of meat and poultry in Hong Kong and Macau.


Currently Sutherland represents over 20 exclusive brands of meat from countries as far as United States, Europe and Australia, to ones as close as Thailand and China. Whether it be raw, cooked, chilled or frozen meat, Sutherland remains focused on meat products and meat products only. Sutherland branding division has made major achievements in the last few years, seeing brands being distributed in major retail outlets, gourmet restaurants and hotels across Hong Kong and Macau.


Sutherland continues to work closely with the brands in new product development and seek out new brands to remain at the forefront of Hong Kong and Macau’s meat industry.