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At Sutherland we pride ourselves in the education of food. We like to know where are food came from, and so should you. On many of our products you will see certain certificates, logos and information that is a key element for sustaining healthy food. We source all our meat from reliable, clean and safe farms around the world. 

All our recipes feature the products that we sell, making it easy for you to cook the perfect meal. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions of each meat category and you will be amazed with the tastes and flavourings of the meat.

This Cooking Guide is also here to help you understand some important factors that we keep consistent with our products that we sell. The information you will see on our products from time to time will help you understand the complexity each brand goes into to perfect their product.

Health benefits, Origins of where the product was sourced and Product Certifications are examples of what you will expect to learn about to make sure you and your family are guaranteed the healthiest food. All our products we sell carry certain unique features that we believe you should know about, this way we feel confident in knowing that only the best of the best meat is sourced to you.